Are you a talented teacher looking to take the next step in your career? Here are seven compelling reasons why you should work at Ark Swift Primary Academy:

1) Join us on our journey to excellence

Since we became Ark Swift in September 2013, we have been making huge improvements. Our key stage 2 results have improved by 11%, and our pupils are making more progress than ever in reading, writing and maths. However, there is still work to do. Our leadership team and staff body are determined to make Ark Swift a truly excellent school.

“Our school vision is dream, believe, achieve. Together we will achieve excellence – helping our pupils to develop the knowledge, skills and character to not just excel in the modern world, but to help shape it for the better.”

2) An innovative school

As our school vision suggests, we have big plans for the future. We want to be known as the place to go to see the innovative use of technology in learning. You can help shape these plans and contribute to a school looking to make its mark. We are a Microsoft Showcase School and innovative in our use of technology in learning. We give our pupils access to cutting-edge technology experiences in the classroom. Recently, they have taken part in "virtual field trips" such as "Skype the Expert" where they have had the opportunity to connect with a zoo in South Africa and taken a virtual tour of a research base in Antarctica!

3) Be part of a real community

We are in the heart of White City, community is important to us both inside and outside our school gates. At Ark Swift we aim to create an inspiring school environment where pupils are excited to come to school and teachers can focus on teaching. Ark Swift is a place where teachers and pupils can achieve their absolute best, safe in the knowledge that there is room for growth and support for all their needs.

4) Continue to develop throughout your career

We recognise that to achieve great things, we need great people. That’s why we will help you to be the very best that you can be, throughout your entire career. We offer twice the standard number of training days – including our network-wide ‘Hub Days’ where peers join together to learn and share best practice. There are also opportunities for online training and bespoke learning and mentoring programmes.

If you're ambitious, we have a programme called "Aspiring to Headship" which identifies teachers with leadership potential, and helps them develop the skills they need to become a great head or principal. 

Ark currently has 35 schools across London, Birmingham, Hastings and Portsmouth (and we are always growing!) so when the time comes for you to move on, there are plenty of opportunities across the network.

5) You won't be bored. Ever. 

We know that an excellent education means more than just great exam results. It means building pupils’ resilience and character, helping them to be ready for the world. We encourage pupils from different Ark schools to come together and enjoy a wide variety of enrichment events, and that means opportunities for teachers to participate as well. We have spelling bees, debating contests, sports days and maths 'wrangles,' and it all culminates in the Ark Music Gala, a huge event held at a world famous venue where dozens of schools and hundreds of students perform pieces ranging from Adele to Beethoven. See for yourself:

6) Be part of something bigger

Ark Swift is part of the Ark network, a non-profit organisation that believes that every child should have the very best start in life, regardless of background, so when the time comes; they are able to go onto university on into the career of their choice.

Our approach is guided by our six pillars and it is working. Schools in the Ark network have achieved some of the best results in the country.

7) It's all about the kids. 

You probably guessed that this would be the final reason to become a teacher at an Ark school. But it's true. Our pupils will inspire you on a daily basis and you will be making a real difference to their lives.

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