Mr Marantz talks technology at the UK's leading education show

Our Principal, Mr Marantz, was on stage last week at the UK's leading education technology talking about Ark Swift Primary’s journey to becoming a Microsoft Showcase School.

Mr Marantz joined Anthony Salcito – Microsoft’s Vice President for Education – on the arena stage at The Bett Show, to discuss how staff and students at Ark Swift have embraced technology. 

When asked about how he had encouraged change at Ark Swift, Mr Marantz said, “You have to start with a clear vision. And you need to take it slowly at the start – developing one skill at a time. We’ve got our parents involved too and everyone has been amazed at how quickly things are moving now. Our reception class saw their greatest improvement in the area of technology.”

Mr Marantz added, “We have classes of children using Skype to link up with marine biologists in California. Technology offers us a way to expose our pupils to the wider world, in particular for those children who might not have access otherwise.”

Anthony Salcito remarked that “technology is only a tool if it can be used properly to inspire a student”.

Watch this video to find out more about what it means to be a Microsoft Showcase School: