Reading, singing, meditation and sports on the menu at Ark Swift

Reading, singing, meditation and sports are all part of daily life at Ark Swift. Earlier this month our Principal, Mr Marantz, hosted a special event where our children shared with their parents what they had been up to since the start of the new school year in September. Our choir performed two songs – you can watch them here on our Facebook page.

Life is busy at Ark Swift, so it’s important to make as much use out of our timetable as possible. We enjoy ‘Time for Reading’ and five minutes of movement and mindfulness meditation each day. Nathan, Juliana and Jericho from Portsmouth class demonstrated the breathing exercises they’ve learned. They said: “This is how we reflect on our day.”

Mr Marantz added that during break times, children are encouraged to play games and not to stand around. They also take part in ‘Positive Playtime’, where they are encouraged to play, share and learn together.

Pupils in Years 5 and 6 at Ark Swift love to take part in the ‘Daily Mile’. After lunch, the children pop on their trainers and run outside on the playground. They are each given a clicker to keep track of the number of laps they do. These numbers are recorded each week. Mr Marantz explained that as well as being good for the children’s overall health and fitness, it can help to calm the children down in the afternoons when behaviour can become challenging.

Three children showed our visitors their new running skills, and said: “Running helps clear our minds and get ready for afternoon lessons. We also stay fit and healthy.”

Mr Marantz stressed that getting to know every child is central to Ark Swift’s ethos, and said he cares about children being in school and getting the best they can. He added: “Ark Swift has got lovely children and great families. We’re a good school – there’s nothing to stop us from being outstanding.”