Yr 2 Portsmouth Trip to Spaghetti House

Wednesday 18 March 2015



Yesterday Portsmouth Class went to the spectacular Spaghetti House at 10am and finished at midday. We went there to learn about cookery.

First we took off our neon safety jackets and our own coats. Next we stood behind our chairs and waited for the chef’s announcement. Afterward the chef told us how to make our own ravioli. As soon as possible, we made our own.
The ingredients were spinach, spaghetti and ricotta cheese. When you are making ravioli, you need two pieces of dough and some filling. Finally we returned to school. 

I felt over the moon when we came back to school because I couldn’t wait to look inside by bag. It contained my box of pasta and a new oyster case. This trip was so enjoyable – I can’t wait for the next one!

Written by Yahya (Portsmouth class)