Year 1 visits the Transport Museum

Tuesday 21 November 2017

Today Year 1 went on a trip to London Transport museum. While travelling on the tube the children were discussing what the train looked like and who worked on the trains.


"This train has lots of maps to help us know where to go! There is a train driver and people who help us at the stations."

When they arrived they were taken on a journey back in time! They had to travel through a time machine and collect a special ticket at the end.

"We crawled through a time machine and now we are in the past! London looked so different. There aren't any cars or motorbikes."

They learnt that trains in the past were powered by steam and not electricity. This made the underground very smoky! Then they took a ride on the very first electric powered underground train. They couldn't use their Oyster cards, instead they had to show their ticket to a conductor.

The children asked some great questions:

"Where did this train go?"

"Why are the people wearing different clothes?"

"Why aren't there any windows?"

"How did the people know where to get off?"

After this the children got to explore the different displays. They were able to become bus drivers, train drivers and taxi drivers!

"The children had such a wonderful day! They learnt all about how transport has changed over time from an engaging workshop and through their tour of the museum. While exploring the displays it was lovely to hear the children asking interesting questions about old and new transport. They especially enjoyed becoming train and bus drivers, it really brought all of their learning to life. I am excited to bring all of this learning back into the classroom when we write about it in our English and Topic lessons!" Ms Millar