Year 1 visits Hammersmith Park

Thursday 25 May 2017

On Monday, Edinburgh class went to the local park as part of their science topic: ‘plants and flowers’. Most of their parents joined too. They were extremely lucky with the weather and all, the children and parents, had a wonderful time.


In literacy, they have been writing a recount of the trip. A girl wrote:


Our trip to Hammersmith Park

On Monday afternoon, Edinburgh class went to Hammersmith Park. First we looked at marvellous, colourful flowers and we drew our favourites. I drew a beautiful red rose that had sharp thorns.

Next Year 1 did some branch rubbing and I did a beautiful job. Then we went on a bug hunt. I spied a creepy spider, a pink lady bird, an ant and a cute grass hopper.

After that, we went to the pond. I spotted a noisy duck which was floating on the water. The pond was very dirty and full of algae. We spotted different leaves, some were thin and long, some were fat and round.

Finally, we walked back to school. What a great, sunny day!


Miss Venzal would like to thank all the parents that came and made the afternoon extra especial.