Scotland Yard special visitors

Wednesday 22 March 2017

On Monday 20th March, Year 6 had some special visitors from Scotland Yard: PSCO John Duggan and PCSO Lisa Saunders. They came to talk about criminal responsibility, cyber bullying, drugs and knife crime. The children gained lots of knowledge to help the children make the right choices and the consequences linked to crimes.

Barni, a year 6 student, said "I enjoyed it because it showed us that we are becoming young adults but also we're still children. We need to make sure we are friends with the right people and are not easily influenced."

Yasser, another year 6 student stated "I learnt that criminal records could ruin your life by stopping you from getting jobs and restricting you from certain countries."

The year 6 teacher, Miss Young, believes this experience has given the children lots of knowledge, "Now, they are aware of some of the choices they will face in the future and the consequences linked to wrong choices. This session is based on empowering the children to make the right choices as they advance into secondary school and adult life."