Royal Festival Hall

Monday 08 May 2017

This week, year’s 3 and 5 went on a very exciting trip to the Royal Festival Hall. They were treated to seeing a performance from the world renowned London Philharmonic Orchestra. On returning to school, they positively bubbled with excitement.

One year 5 child commented, "It was great fun visiting and experiencing such a great concert. The music was great." Whilst a year 3 child said, "The drums were my favourite because the deep bass sound shook my chair."

Mr Beynon who led the trip said, " It was a delight to see the children engaged in listening to the music from such a world renowned orchestra. As well as having an opportunity of visiting such an iconic London building. These extra curricular activities, that the staff at Ark Swift arrange, are so important in helping to both develop and consolidate our children's learning."