Reception's trip to the zoo

Wednesday 07 February 2018

This half term Reception have been learning about Africa. Today they went to the zoo to meet the animals from the story Handa’s Surprise and Giraffes can’t dance!

First, Reception went to Africa where they met hippos, okapis, monkeys hyenas and zebras. And most importantly, they met the giraffes! One child exclaimed “Look, it’s like Gerald from our story.” Another noticed the giraffe eating leaves and said “giraffes are my favourite because they have long necks to reach the leaves.”

Then, they visited the aquarium where they met lots of different fish. The children used brilliant language to describe the fish. “That fish is so bright it looks like it has lights.” “This one is enormous, it’s so slow!” “Look at his spikes, that one is dangerous!” The children were so excited to find Dory and Nemo!

Next, the children were brave enough to watch the tigers being fed. They learnt that tigers eat meat but hippos and giraffes only eat plants. Some children wanted to feed the tigers themselves, one of them said “I can handle the ferocious tigers!“

After lunch, Reception children met goats, meerkats, ferrets and rats. The zoo keepers showed the children some food and asked what they thought it was for. They were able to predict it was to train the animals to do tricks.

Then, they visited the butterfly enclosure. Some of the children were lucky enough to have a butterfly land on their shoulder!

After the success of the Winter Show, the children were really excited to finally meet some penguins! They asked some brilliant questions about them. “Why do they live in cold places?” “Why do they walk funny?” “What do the penguins eat?”

Before returning to the coach the children had a wonderful time exploring the park. Their climbing was almost as good as the monkeys!

Miss Burton, EYFS lead, said, 'It was a pleasure to join Reception on their trip today. The children learnt so much about animals and their habitats. Their behaviour was excellent and they showed the Swift Way throughout the day! Well done Reception.'