Reception's Tiger Tea Party

Monday 09 October 2017

In Reception, the children have been learning the story of “The Tiger who came to Tea”. The children learnt the story and completed lots of activities related to the book, for example they designed tins of Tiger food, they cooked in the role play for the Tiger and they made cakes out of play dough for the Tiger.

To celebrate all the children’s learning, Bath class had a Tiger tea party. The children created their own tiger masks and wrote invitations to their families.

On Friday, the children made sandwiches for the party. Then in the afternoon they performed the story for their mums and dads and their shared some food with them.

At the end, to promote reading for passion, the mummies and daddies shared some of their favourite stories with their children. What a wonderful day!

Miss Venzal wants to say thank you to all the families that came and supported the day. It was lovely to see the children so engaged with reading and their learning.