Reception visits the Wetlands centre

Wednesday 10 May 2017

Reception went on a trip to the Wetlands centre.

When they arrived they were told all about the different animals they might find in the wetlands centre. Such as, tadpoles, water snails, otters and many different birds! Whilst exploring the Wetland Centre the children went bird watching. They learnt that they needed to stay so quiet so they did not scare away the birds.

One child said ‘I can see lots of birds. Look there’s a duck and a swan. They are my favourites.’


After that, the children loved exploring in the adventure playground. There were lots of tunnels to discover!

Another child said ‘I feel like I’m on an adventure. The tunnels are so much fun!’

After lunch the children became scientists! For the pond dipping activity they used fishing nets to fish out different creatures from the pond. Once they found the creatures they placed them carefully into a bowl to examine them.

‘This is like a worm. It’s so slimy.’ ‘Look how fast my creature is moving. It is so speedy!’

The guide from the Wetlands Centre taught the class names of the different creatures and gave them some interesting facts.

‘I learnt about the hog-louse, it has so many legs!’ ‘The water-boatman uses its arms to swim. Just like me.’

Miss Millar said ‘The children had such a fantastic day. It was lovely to see them exploring and getting stuck in to all of the activities. At school we had learnt a story about a tadpole so this really brought their learning to life! The whole day was engaging and full of new experiences for everyone.’