Pizza Express Visit

Wednesday 12 July 2017

On Tuesday morning, Edinburgh class went to Pizza Express. We walked together in groups. We walked calmly and safely.

First we washed our hands so we don’t spread germs. Next we poured some flour and some dough. Next we put flour on the dough and we knead the dough. After that we flipped the dough from one hand to another. We shaped it as a circle. Then we put tomato sauce with the back of the spoon and we sprinkled cheese. Finally the chefs put it in the oven.

Later on we walked to school and we ate our yummy pizza! What a great day!

Written by a Year 1 child.

Miss Venzal said ‘It was such a successful trip. The children really enjoyed it and applied all their learning. They cannot wait to make pizzas at home. We have followed up our trip by learning how we are able to incorparate making pizza and fractions. The children also worked on writing their own pizza recipes and writing recounts of what happend. The Pizza Express team were extremely helpful. The staff congratulated us on our behaviour. They were impressed on how professional the pizzas looked #SwiftChefs #SwiftWay