EYFS Winter Show

Saturday 16 December 2017

This week children in Nursery and Reception have performed their winter show, ‘Eddie the Penguin Saves the World!’

Eddie the Penguin Saves the World,’ is a heart-warming story about a brave penguin who tackles climate change with the help of his family. He sets off on a journey to teach human beings about different ways to be kind to the environment. The children enjoyed learning about different ways to help the environment such as recycling or walking to school rather than taking the car.

On Wednesday they performed to the whole school. A Year 3 child said ‘I can’t believe how well they sing all of those songs.’ A child in Year 5 said ‘The Narrators were great. They spoke very clearly and knew all of their lines.’

On Thursday we welcomed families and the children from Harmony Nursery to watch the show. One parent said ‘Thank you so much. The show was amazing and the costumes were great. It was wonderful to see my child up on the stage singing and dancing with all of their friends.’ Another parent said ‘Usually my child is very shy, but today she was singing and dancing so proudly. It has really heled her confidence to grow. Thank you Ark Swift.’

Here is a sample of their amazing performance: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FJTBvSv7WLk&feature=youtu.be



This wouldn’t have been possible without the generous contributions from parents and the local community. Donations from Parents, Staff, Starbucks, Tesco and Sainsbury’s led to a highly successful Bake Sale, where over £300 was raised towards the cost of props, costumes and resources.

Miss Burton said ‘The children have worked incredibly hard to put on such an amazing show. The Early Years team have gone above and beyond to put it together, making costumes, props, teaching songs and painting faces!  I also want to say thank you once again to the Swift community for supporting us with our fundraising efforts, so that we could buy the resources and costumes we needed. We had a packed out audience of family members and even some special visitors from Harmony Nursery. After four weeks of hard work and preparation from the children, it was so rewarding to see how much the children enjoyed the show and how proud they were of all that they have achieved, Well done Nursery and Reception!’