Doctor's visit to EYFS

Monday 16 October 2017

Today a doctor visited Reception & Nursery. The doctor explained what doctors do. A Nursery boy said, 'doctors help people get better when they are not well.' 

Then, the doctor showed us some of her equipment. A Reception child recognised the stethoscope and he said 'we use it to listen to our heart.'

Then she used some vendages to support other children's hand. 

After showing us her equipment, the doctor explained what medicine is for. The doctor asked us who do we have medicine with. A Reception girl said 'we have medicine with Miss Venzal.' Another girl said 'with family or adults too'. 

The doctor also explained how we keep healthy. We need to eat healthy, stay clean and do exercise.

A Reception child said. 'we need to put our hands in front of our mouth when we cough'. A Nursery girl said 'we eat carrots, oranges and apples.'

Nursery's favourite part was when they dressed as a doctor. They even wore some surgeon's gloves.

Reception loved using the equipment, in particular the bandages.