Thursday 18 May 2017

Children in the Early Years have had some very special visitors for the past two weeks.

Week 1

On Monday 8th May they received our special delivery  - living eggs! They learnt about ways to keep them safe and warm. On Wednesday, the children were delighted to observe the eggs hatching and the baby chicks learning to walk. On Thursday the children moved the chicks into their homes and gave them food and water. 

'This chick is cheeky. He wants to jump around.'

Week 2

Miss Burton, the EYFS lead, said, 'the children have really enjoyed spending time with the chicks over the past two weeks. They have learnt so much about caring for animals and looking carefully for similiarities and differences.'

'The brown chicks are the girls and the yellow chicks are the boys.'

'The yellow chicks are boys and the orange chicks are girls.'

‘The chicks are fluffy. I like cuddling them.Two of chicks wings are white now. They’re growing up”

‘I can see the chick jumping. I think he is trying to fly!’

A nursery girl noticed, that 'the chicks had a big sleep after that. They are tired!' 

The children and adults worked together to make this beautiful display.