Certificates of commendation for Y6 Remembrance Poetry

Monday 12 June 2017

Last year, Year 6 were challenged to write poetry based around the themes of the First World War and remembrance. They used the Christmas Truce as a stimulus and created independent pieces as a result. The best poems were entered into the Never Such Innocence contest last year and now they received their certificates of commendation! 

Miss Young, Bristol class teacher, remarked, "The children thought deeply about the environment and emotions of the time, consequently, the poetry written was truly thought provoking and emotive. I hope they're all proud of their hard work!"

Here is one of the contest judge's thoughts: 'There are only a limited number of prize positions. But every child who entered a poem is already a winner because these children have had the chance to learn about – and learn from - an unparalleled time in our history. They have had a chance to read, to discuss, to look at images, to think, to feel, to write and to be read. And so all have a prize. And all have my sincere congratulations.” Michaela Morgan, author and poet: Poetry Judge.

Well done Year 6!