Children at Ark Swift have seen penguins in Antarctica, met dolphin trainers in Brazil and have visited World War II trenches in Jersey, without even leaving their classroom. This has been made possible thanks to virtual field trips.

In January 2016, Ark Swift was awarded the Microsoft Showcase School status. This prestigious accolade offers our pupils and staff some fantastic opportunities to incorporate technology into their learning.

With the help of our partnership with Microsoft, at Swift we integrate technology into many of our everyday practices at school. We are able to take teaching and learning to the next level and prepare our pupils for a successful future in today’s world of technology.

We also have regular catch-ups, via Mystery Skype, with classrooms in China, Jamaica and Paraguay. Sharing our cultures and talking about our countries has brought us closer and taught us a lot about geography and how our peers across the world live their lives.

Teachers and children at Ark Swift use Microsoft Sway to integrate their work into interactive presentations, which bring their textbooks and classrooms to life. Our pupils enjoy the mix of digital and technological in their curriculum, and we support them to be independent using technology. Children at Swift receive excellent building blocks to get them ready for secondary school.

As it is fundamental nowadays to stay connected, we use OneNote in our school family to set online tasks and homework, which can be accessed from anywhere.

Ark Swift, as a successful Microsoft showcase school, has been set as an example to other aspiring schools and we are fortunate enough to host a number of training events.

If you would like to find out more about Ark Swift and our partnership with Microsoft, please email