At Ark Swift Primary Academy our Maths curriculum is delivered through the Mathematics Mastery programme.

The Mathematics Mastery curriculum has been developed to ensure every child can achieve excellence in mathematics. It places emphasis on the cumulative mastery of essential knowledge and skills in mathematics. Mathematics Mastery provides pupils with a deep understanding of the subject through a concrete, pictorial and abstract approach. This ensures pupils fully understand what they are doing rather than just learning to repeat routines without grasping what is happening.

In addition to daily Maths lessons children also have daily Maths Meetings where they focus on strengthening all Maths skills across the curriculum.

Key features of our Mathematics Mastery curriculum:

  • High expectations for every child
  • More time on fewer topics (allowing for greater depth)
  • Problem solving is central
  • Application of practiced skills in every lesson
  • Calculate with confidence– understand why it works

The key features of the approach have been demonstrated by education research to be most effective for pupils’ understanding of mathematics. They draw significantly on the curriculum and pedagogy of the highest performers in the Programme for International Student Assessment (PISA) and Trends in International Mathematics and Science study (TIMSS).

Teaching is for learning; learning is for understanding; understanding is for reasoning and applying and, ultimately problem solving. — Ministry of Education, Singapore

They are also the tried and tested approaches used by the best teachers, departments and schools in the UK. What is special about Mathematics Mastery is that it brings these approaches and techniques together in a rigorous and systematic structure.

Should you wish any further information or to discuss any aspects of the programme, please contact your child’s class teacher or myself directly.


Miss Row

Mathematics Lead


Useful documents:

KS1 Number Games to Play.pdf

Reception Mastery PoS 2017-18.pdf

Year 1 Mastery PoS 2017-18.pdf

Year 2 Mastery PoS 2017-18.pdf

Year 3 Mastery PoS 2017-18.pdf

Year 4 Mastery PoS 2017-18.pdf

Year 5 Mastery PoS 2017-18.pdf

Year 6 Mastery PoS 2017-18.pdf

Ark Swift Calculations Policy :Progression in Calculations Policy 2017.pdf