Senior Leadership Team

Mr Daniel Upfield Executive Principal
Mrs Claire Piers Vice Principal - Teaching and Learning
Ms Alison Leach Assistant Principal - Inclusion
Mrs Victoria Haynes Phase Leader Early Years & KS1
Ms Debbie Herron Phase Leader Lower KS2
Ms Rosie Pullinger Phase Leader Upper KS2
Mrs Janice Cocks School Business Manager

Teaching Team

Ms Zara Prince Nursery Teacher - Lancaster
Ms Rocio Venzal Reception Teacher - Bath
Ms Rochelle Millar Year 1 Teacher - Bristol
Ms Sarah Mcdonald Year 2 Teacher - Manchester
Ms Sanna Naeem and Ms Lana Sulic Year 3 Teacher - Exeter
Ms Laura Sadowitz Year 4 Teacher - Warwick
Ms Phoebe Row Year 4 Teacher - Oxford
Ms Debbie Herron Year 5 Teacher - Cambridge
Ms Bobbie Young Year 5 Teacher - York
Ms Rosie Pullinger Year 6 Teacher - Durham
Ms Rachel Mowbray Year 6 Teacher - Loughborough






Ms Alison Leach Assistant Principal - Inclusion / SENCO
Mr Thomas Blair Head of Sports and Fitness and Cover Teacher
Ms Jennifer Thur Cover Teacher
Ms Grace Collins Graduate Co Teacher
  Graduate Co Teacher
  Graduate Co Teacher
Ms Elizabeth Stefaniak Graduate Co Teacher
  Graduate Co Teacher
  Graduate Co Teacher
  Early Years Educator
Ms Sonia Shergill Early Years Educator
  Early Years Educator
Ms Shineade Burton Pastoral Support Manager
Ms Katie Long Pastoral Support Worker
  Pastoral Support Worker
Mrs Julie Long Teaching Assistant

Operations Staff


Mrs Janice Cocks School Business Manager
Ms Jessica Pawsey Receptionist & Admin Assistant
Mrs Jackie Drohan Receptionist & Admin Assistant
Mr Steve Prince Site Manager





Catering Staff

Ms Karen McMichael Catering Manager
Ms Janet McNally Catering Assistant
Ms Paulette Corbin Catering Assistant
Ms Nicola Allen Catering Assistant
Ms Maria Ceu Catering Assistant