Senior Leadership Team

Daniel Upfield Principal
Claire Piers Vice Principal
Alison Leach Assistant Principal for Inclusion; Designated Safeguarding Lead; KS1 Phase Lead     

(Covering Mrs Haynes' maternity leave for Phase Lead)

Mrs Janice Cocks School Business Manager

Teaching Team

Victoria Haynes Maternity Leave
Zara Prince Nursery Teacher - Lancaster Class
Rozio Venzal Reception Teacher - Bath Class; Phonics & EYFS Lead    

(Covering Mrs Haynes' maternity leave for EYFS Lead)

Giovanna Cristalli Year 1 Bristol Class Teacher (covering Miss Millar's maternity leave)
Rochelle Millar Maternity Leave
Sarah McDonald Year 2 Manchester Class Teacher
Lana White (M,T,W) Year 3 Exeter Class Teacher; English Lead
Sanna Naeem (W,T,F) Year 3 Exeter Class Teacher; Maths Lead
Kirina Joannou Year 4 Sheffield Class Teacher; Music and Performing Arts Lead
Debbie Herron Maternity Leave
Laura Sadowitz Year 5 Warwick Class Teacher
Bastien Vallat Year 5 Worcester Class Teacher
Rachel Mowbray Year 6 Loughborough Class Teacher; Oracy Lead
Rosie Pullinger Year 6 Durham Class Teacher; KS2 Phase Lead
Thomas Blair Head of Sports & Fitness
Katelin Vincent PPA Cover Teacher (covering Miss Viegas' sabbatical)
Christina Viegas Sabbatical leave (until December 2019)

Pastoral Team

Shineade Burton Pastoral Support Manager; Deputy Designated Safeguarding Lead
Katie Long Pastoral Support Worker

Education Support Team

Sonia Rafiq Early Years Educator (Nursery)
Divine Nkumbo Early Years Educator (Nursery)
Brenda Salas Jimenez Lead Early Years Educator (Reception)
Tillie Morris Co-Teacher (Year 1)
Valentina Ramairone Lopez Co-Teacher (Year 2)
Stephen Ranentheran Co-Teacher (Year 3)
Aaron Quain Co-Teacher (Year 4)
Simone Zadi Co-Teacher (Year 5) & KS2 French Teacher
Grace Thomson Co-Teacher (Year 6)
Julie Long Teaching Assistant
Nadia Trim Learning Support Assistant (Year 1)
Susan Cassidy Learning Support Assistant (Year 2)
Samantha Newell Learning Support Assistant (Year 3)
Roxy Kodrasi Learning Support Assistant (Year 3)
Ondine Grace Learning Support Assistant (Year 5)

Operations Team

Jessica Pawsey Receptionist & Admin Assistant (Pupils)
Jackie Drohan  Receptionist & Admin Assistant (Staff)
Steve Prince Site Manager
Jack Lattimer  Site Manager (covering for Steve Prince)

Catering Team

Karen McMichael Catering Manager
Janet McNally Catering Assistant
Paulette Corbin Catering Assistant
Nicola Allan Catering Assistant
Shaharna Begum Catering Assistant
Kafiya Bin Ali Catering Assistant
Maria Du Ceu Catering Assistant

West London Zone

Alexis Wallace Link Worker
Liona Elliott Early Years Link Worker

Place 2 Be

Sara Mukungu (M, T & W am) School Project Manager