Senior Leadership Team

Mr Jason Marantz Principal
Mrs Nicola Keating Vice Principal - Inclusion, Behaviour and Early Years
Mrs Claire Piers Vice Principal - Teaching and Learning
Mr Russell Beynon Assistant Principal - Years 3 and 4
Ms Rosemary Palmer Assistant Principal - Years 1 and 2
Ms Lekha Sharma Assistant Principal - Years 5 and 6
Mrs Janice Cocks School Business Manager

Teaching Team

Ms Victoria Burton Nursery Teacher (Imperial)
Ms Rochelle Millar Reception Teacher (Exeter)
Ms Rocio Venzal Year 1 Teacher (Edinburgh)
Ms Sanna Naeem Year 2 Teacher (Cambridge)
Ms Rosemary Palmer Year 2 Teacher (Cambridge)
Ms Sarah Taylor Year 2 Teacher (Oxford)
Ms Lana Sulic Year 3 Teacher (Goldsmith)
Ms Phoebe Rowbottom Year 3 Teacher (Southbank)
Mr Joseph Kingsley Year 4 Teacher (Portsmouth)
Mr Russell Beynon Year 4 Teacher (St Andrews)
Ms Ramlah Shah Year 5 Teacher (Hull)
Mr Timothy Blume Year 5 Teacher (Bangor)
Ms Bobbie Young Year 6 Teacher (Bristol)
Ms Lekha Sharma Year 6 Teacher (Trinity)
Ms Sarah Newlands SENCO
Ms Josie Quested SENCO
Ms Sue Peers English as an Additional Language Teacher
Mr Kwasi Frempong Learning Mentor
Ms Shineade Burton Behaviour Manager
Ms Nasra Ali Early Years Teaching Educator
Ms Sonia Shergill Early Years Teaching Assistant
Ms Bridget Brown Early Years Teaching Assistant
Mr Leon Francois Early Years Teaching Assistant
Mrs Mary Allen Teaching Assistant
Mrs Carole Everett Teaching Assistant
Mrs Jackie Drohan Teaching Assistant
Mrs Sharon Keatley Teaching Assistant
Ms Gwyneth Jno-Baptiste Teaching Assistant
Ms Jackie Brent Teaching Assistant
Mrs Julie Long Teaching Assistant
Ms Faduma Ali Teaching Assistant
Ms Samantha Jaldoo-Fletcher Teaching Assistant
Ms Lucy Chisnall Ark Trainee Teacher
Mr Michael Flint Ark Trainee Teacher

Operations Staff

Catering Staff

Mrs Janice Cocks School Business Manager
Ms Carol Martin Office Manager
Ms Joan Aimable Learning Mentor: Safeguarding
Mr Steve Prince Site Manager
Mr P Rakowski Assistant Site Manager
Ms Jessica Pawsey Receptionist/Administrator
Ms Hannah McCormick Resource Director

Mealtime Supervision Staff

Ms Sylvia Broughton Meal Supervisor
Ms Mabel Adjei Meal Supervisor
Ms Katie Long Meal Supervisor
Ms Leila Yarmohmed Meal Supervisor
Ms Rahmo Yussuf Meal Supervisor
Ms Marcela Balliu Meal Supervisor
Mrs Zara Prince Meal Supervisor/After School Care
Ms Amanda Beggan Meal Supervisor/After School Care
Ms Karen McMichael Catering Manager
Ms Tracy Kavanagh Catering Assistant
Ms Janet McNally Catering Assistant
Ms Paulette Corbin Catering Assistant
Sue Forde Catering Assistant