Life at Nursery

What is life like at Ark Swift’s Nursery?

Children arrive at the Nursery from 8.40am and are greeted by their key worker. Our key workers are an important part of your child's learning and development, as they will work with them on a 1-2-1 basis and know them very well. As part of our efforts to teach them to be independent, children are encouraged to self-register and take part to fine motor activities to start their day. Children learn through play, and which is why our timetable focuses highly on Exploration Time.

Children are provided with a wide range of exciting and stimulating resources and activities that promote their learning and independence. They have the opportunity to work independently and with adults during the day, which supports their development across all areas of the curriculum. Short adult-led carpet sessions equip children with the skills they will need to develop their learning in maths, literacy, phonics and topic. Children are also encouraged to join their friends at the ‘Snack Bar’ to have some fruit and milk during the day.

Since we offer full time places at Ark Swift Nursery, children stay for lunch. Parents are invited to choose between providing their child with a packed lunch or opting for them to receive a school meal. Our midday supervisors help children to enjoy their food and make healthy food choices. During lunchtime children enjoy socialising with their friends and playing team games.

Children feel comfortable and confident to explore whilst respecting each other and the environment. They are taught how to keep themselves safe and how to build friendships.


Our Nursery’s topics and activities are planned around children’s interests, which are used to promote active learning and engagement. We believe that every child is unique – children learn in different ways, so we provide a range of experiences to support this.

At Ark Swift, we aim to immerse children in each topic by having valuable shared experiences. For example, whilst learning about ‘Our Colourful World,’ the children visited Shepherd’s Bush Market to buy materials to make a patchwork quilt like Elmer’s! The children were so excited to choose their piece of fabric and help to attach it together. At the end of the topic, we celebrated with ‘Elmer’s Special Day,’ and children wore their own special clothes and celebrated with their friends. We are lucky to have a large outdoor environment where children continue their learning in our Performance Area.


Children at Ark Swift wear the Nursery uniform which is designed to accommodate their learning and play.

Starting School

We believe that children who attend our Nursery are provided with the building blocks they need for starting their school education. The Nursery and Reception team work closely together to ensure that children are well prepared for the transition into Reception. Children in the Nursery spend time with the Reception team in the Summer Term to begin to familiarise with the setting. The Reception team make frequent visits to the Nursery to get to know the children, and use their familiarity with the Nursery and the children to foster pupils’ learning and support their next steps as they move into Reception.