An open letter from Jason Marantz, new principal of Ark Swift Primary Academy

Jason Marantz

Dear parents and carers,

The first day at a new school is exciting for anybody – including a new principal. That is why I wanted to write to introduce myself. I am Jason Marantz and I am proud to be the new Principal of Ark Swift Primary Academy.

As an experienced headteacher, I wanted to work with a lovely school which is constantly improving and has real potential to become one of the best schools in West London.  Since it became Ark Swift in 2013, our school has made great strides, such as introducing Positive Playtimes, where children are encouraged to learn, share and play. Our results have gotten better and better each year, and the most recent Ofsted inspection in May 2016 graded the school as “good”. 

These are excellent achievements but this is only the beginning. I now want to lead Ark Swift onto its next stage and I will do whatever it takes to ensure your children have the best school experience they can. I’m going to build a school community that will cater for every child’s needs. In my experience, the only way to do this is to get to know every child.  What are they good at?  What do they need extra help with? How can we support them to be their best? 

I believe that all children have skills and talents and it is the job of the school to help children bring these out and develop them. We are already fortunate to have a school that offers great activities – breakfast clubs, performing arts and sports are all part of life at Ark Swift.

Several years ago, I helped establish a new school. At our first Ofsted inspection we received an “outstanding” grade for leadership and management. Other school leaders asked me how we achieved this. I replied that we worked together as a community, including with parents and carers and we kept our children’s best interests at heart the entire time.

I want to work closely with you. I have four children myself and appreciate that you are trusting the school with the education and future of your children. Let’s work together to give our young people the very best start in life.

Please do call me, email me, drop in for a cup of tea, come and chat to me at the school gates – this is yours and your children’s school and I am always keen to hear your thoughts.

Over the course of the year there will also be more formal opportunities for us to meet, from parents’ evenings to open days. I will also be hosting a very special “Meet the Principal” event at 2:30pm on 14 October, where we can enjoy coffee and cake together and I can tell you more about me and answer your questions.  You will also have the opportunity to see our children perform and share what they have been doing over the first few weeks of school.

In the meantime, please come over and say hello. I look forward to working with you.

Yours sincerely,

Jason Marantz


Ark Swift Primary Academy