After school clubs

Clubs and activities

Throughout the year, Ark Swift Primary Academy will offer a wide variety of clubs and activities. Below are examples of clubs we hope to run during the course of the current academic year.

Art Club

Tuesday (KS2) Years 3-6

Thursday (KS1) Years 1-2


Monday (KS1) Years 1-2

Tuesday (KS2) Years 3-6


Tuesday (KS1) Years 1-2

Wednesday (KS2) Years 3-6

Djembe Drums

Thursday (KS2) Years 3-4

Football Training

Monday (Boys only) Years 5 & 6

Tuesday (Girls only) Years 5 & 6

Football Club

Monday (KS1) Boys and Girls

Family English Homework Club run by H&F (Children need to be accompanied by an adult)

Thursday (15:45pm - 17:45pm)

Musical Theatre

Monday (KS2) Years 3-6

Colouring Club

Monday Reception Class and Year 1 only

Steel Pans

Friday (KS2) Years 5 & 6

Mental Maths

Wednesday - Year 6

Languages Club

Friday Years 2 & 3

QPR Multi-skills 

Monday - Year 3

Tuesday - Year 4

Wednesday - Year 2

Thursday - Year 5

Friday - Year 6

Steel Pans (by invitation only)

Friday - Years 5 & 6

Debating Club (by invitation only)


All enrichment activities contribute to pupils understanding of the world around them. We place great emphasis on the development of core skills and the social skills of teamwork, cooperation and collaboration.

To find out what clubs we are currently running please ask at reception.

Please be aware that our clubs are very popular and that your child will need written permission in order to stay after school.